We have three sinks in our office. One of these sinks is not providing hot water. We would like to know what an estimate would be for repair of this sink. Thank you.

Ryan A

The toilet at times backs up and overflows. As the sink and bathtub run slowly before this happens, it seems there is a clog in the drainage line, perhaps a bit further away from the toilet. Therefore, a plumber is required to clear this clog further down the drain line.

Lucas B

I have a leak in casing of 1/3hp Less than 3 yr old insinkerator disposer; would like to upgrade to 1/2 hp with installation and longer life product

Greg A

I bought a dishwasher as part of a set over a year ago. Now i would like to have it installed. I am looking for a price estimate to complete the plumbing and install it. thank you

Peggy K

I just bought a house and the electric stove is old and I want to replace it with a gas stove. There is a line into the unfinished basement from the street, but it ends at the front of the basement. I would need a line run from there to the rear of the basement and up through the floor into the kitchen. I'd like to talk to someone about the cost of doing this.

Brett B

Main water line broke, Do you fix this kind of plumbing problem?

Milagro L

We want to make a room on the third floor of our house a laundry room by adding a washer and dryer. There is an adjoining wall in that room to a bathroom so we are thinking that the laundry plumbing can be connected into the bathroom plumbing.

Kathleen F

Estimate for toilet installation and plumbing repairs (tub leak). Thanks,


Need to replace a shower head.

Casey C

Hi, My house is based in Markham, Ontario. I am looking for cleaning the drain in 3 bathroom sinks and 1 bathroom tub. Can you give me a quote? Thanks,